How to Use a Reusable K-Cup

How to Use a Reusable K-Cup

Reusable K-Cups provide convenience and cost savings in the long run! Here’s a simple guide to use them: FAQs How much coffee do you put in a reusable K cup? When using a reusable K cup, measuring the correct amount of coffee grounds is important. Ten grams or two tablespoons should be enough for an … Read more

How Much Caffeine Is In a Shot of Espresso

A typical shot of espresso contains around 63mg of caffeine. However, this number may differ depending on a few factors, such as the roast type of the beans or how long it’s been steeped for. A double shot typically contains around 125mg – almost double what one serves! A single shot of espresso contains significant … Read more

How To Use A Milk Frother Like A Starbuck Barista

Making the ideal cup of coffee takes years of mastery – that’s why baristas spend years honing their craft! But you don’t need to be an expert to create delicious drinks at home with two hands! Whether you enjoy a cold brew or cappuccinos, learning how to use a milk frother is essential for creating cafe-style treats … Read more

How to Make Café Bustelo Without an Espresso Maker

Are you a huge Cafe Bustelo fan but don’t have access to an espresso maker? Look no further; this step-by-step guide will show you all the ingredients and recipes needed to make authentic Cafe Bustelo. First thing first, you will need to get pre-ground Café Bustelo ready. After that, you can make it in your … Read more